P.T.S.D. & Trauma


P.T.S.D. & Trauma

Are you trying to recover from a certain traumatic event? It might be something that happened to you or someone else. Such traumatic events can be car accidents, natural disasters, rape, bullying or something similar.

Such events tend to be frightening, shocking and causes great distress. Many people feel they are powerless to change the events. With experience and compassionate care, we at Hawkesbury Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre can help in reprogramming your neurology in order to re process the triggers in a positive manner and leaves PTSD and Trauma in the past where it belongs.

On the 21st of June 2018, on our Hawkesbury Hypnotherapy & Counselling Facebook page we wrote:

Some aspects of this are portrayed in the graphic below

P.T.S.D. These four little letters conjure up a lifetime of despair for the owner. In them it holds the person captive to a past event/s with a belief of no resolution, a feeling of helplessness.
Being placed in a box with no way out. Or, looping round a circle and being asked to stand in a corner. The frustration of wanting to change. But not knowing how. By managing it and not mitigating it, so you can move on to better outcomes. 

Letters and Words have power. The letters P.T.S.D. and their meaning. “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Hold you capture to a past event or experience.
No matter how you look at it, while you hold this belief, and how hard you try to change it. It will remain the same. Trauma

So, let’s take a different approach to it, to produce a more positive satisfactory outcome. Still using the same letters, plus one. Then change the wording and their meaning to facilitate a gateway to change.

Change it to P.T.S.D.M. “Past Trauma Still Distracting Me” The distraction/s are the unresolved emotions attached to the past event/experience.
Now we have opened the gate to the possibility of resolution with the application of Emotional Intelligence by taking the knowledge of the past, bringing it into the present minus the emotion/s thus allowing for change to take place in the now and proceed to a brighter future unencumbered by the Trauma of the Past Event/Experience.

Trauma Once Mitigated, we rebuild strengthen and support the person to get back into the life they desire to have. In the latter sessions we promote that change into the future pace you towards 1, 3 & 5 year goals so you not only leave behind, that which no longer serves you, but, foster confidence and self esteem so you can achieve your desires and goals for a happy and peaceful life.

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