Are you experiencing worries, pains, rage, anger, depression, sorrow, guilt, fear, hate, sadness, shame, regret, anxiety, or tension?

If you want to restore your emotional health and tap into a dynamic way of processing life experiences in a more smooth and relaxing way, then this technique is just perfect for you.

Emotrance is traditional counseling and psychotherapy that lets you free up your mind and overcome emotional traumas from past experiences and situations. This technique is powerful and effective in setting your mind free from either recent or unresolved issues that have held you back and affected your health and vitality.

Find Your Freedom

Are you ready to discover a simple and efficient solution that drives you into an enhanced state of well being and emotional wellness? Emotrance is just that methodology, and it can be easily learned. Applying this process to past and present emotional scenarios help you regain your physical and mental stability which puts you in position to harness your full potentials.

Once you take total control of your energy, you can leverage it in restoring your confidence and peace of mind. Where are you experience emotional disorder in your body? Let an expert Emotrance practitioner help you regain your energy and help you put it to use. Once your energy begins to flow, you no longer need to worry about a thing but focus on things that truly matter.

How Can Hawkesbury Help?

John traveled to Kensington, London England in 2004 to study EmoTrance with Dr Silvia Hartmann. Since then he has used it extensively to resolve the emotional blockages that occur when we bottle up negative emotions. Still used today and when John explains the how and why of negative emotions, clients not only get an understanding but, get a exponential experience of letting go of old unwanted emotions that no longer serve a useful purpose except to hold oneself anchored back in the past.

It assists in noticing any issue and helps you find a solution that is easy and interesting. If you are struggling with anger and pain in your body, our Emotrance strategy works in turning your anger to joy, pain to strength and stress into relaxation. 

Learn a new process that teaches you how to resolve your emotions in a deep inner-focused trance state. I will work with you on the feeling you want relief and also make the process simple so you can integrate it in your daily life.

Heal any upsetting emotions and clear painful past memories with Emotrance. Defeat phobias, raise your self-esteem, reduce stress and maintain a good relationship with a wide variety of people. Never allow old stuck emotions remain in your body. Contact us today and let’s work with you to overcome your discomfort and clear the past baggage and issues.