Do you relate with this?

Rehabilitative counselling originally was focused on assisting those that have/had disabilities, where they were either injured in an automobile, workplace or mechanical mishap. Or were suffering from a throbbing condition because of an ailment.

Rehabilitative counselling these days is often used in the connection between an individual and their day by day functioning, in a balanced neurology with the rest of society. .

Rehabilitative counselling is now focused on assisting those that have difficulties in accomplishing their career, personal, as well as independent living goals by means of a rehabilitative/counselling, mind coach technique.

Individuals with social incapacities frequently feel secluded from the environment around them, irrespective of what the circumstance was/is.

Rehabilitative counselling focus’s in various and numerous settings as the process of rehabilitation counselling advances. 

At Hawkesbury Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre, we not only focus on the rehabilitative process but, also on the positive outcomes that our client desires. We combine the disciplines of Counselling, Mind Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapy, to bring about the positive change that eases the client out and away from that which no longer serves them and direct them towards a bright and positive future.

 Who can benefit from the Hawkesbury Hypnotherapy style of rehabilitative counseling?

At HHNLPC we provide combined rehabilitative counseling for our clients that give assistance to those suffering with difficulties including, but not limited to those listed below:

  • Relationship problems (e.g. romantic partner, roommate, family)
  • Anxiety
  • Worry about failure
  • Strain
  • Handling transformation like body image issue
  • Addictions such as drug addiction, sexual addiction etc
  • Sadness
  • Career uncertainty
  • Controlling feelings such as isolation, depression, shame, rage, guilt.
  • Behavior Problems
  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse Issues
  • School-Related Concerns
  • Legal Problems like stealing , underage drinking
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Struggling with separation or divorce
  • A feeling of being insecure or thwarted with the loss of connection, etc.