Written Testimonials

I am very pleased to recommend John C Bunker as a Hypnotherapist/Counselor. I was referred to John by my GP to address anxiety and panic attacks. These issues were the result of long standing and deeply ingrained issues that had never been addressed until I saw John
Three appointments with John were all I needed to resolve these to a satisfactory conclusion and completion. Friends now comment on how much more open and relaxed I am nowadays and my home life is more peaceful. These changes are directly because of John’s care and expertise

Brenda S

As a Career woman for the past twenty something years, being involved in Business education, Community projects, Drug and alcohol facilitation plus film and television production. I come across and witnessed many of what they call “State of the art” methods of therapy.

But your personal professional skills, knowledge and experience are outstanding. I found that just one session with you was equal to many, many others, that I have had with other therapists and medical experts. Your understanding of how the mind deals with events and emotions is very simple, comprehensive and profound.

Since working with you many of my previous problems have disappeared and I now feel a freedom that I have never felt before. Thoroughly recommend you for anyone looking to make change or in need of support and professional care.

Tracey S

I came to John after years of seeing lots of other professionals, being placed on medication and felt like I was in a revolving door. At most I was lucky to spend more than 55 minutes in a session with them. I had been abused since the age of three and my family were in denial of these events.

When I was asked to talk about the problem, my throat would constrict, find it hard to breathe or swallow. Yet another aspect of the abuse.

After my first session I was amazed that you had spent 2 hours with me, in which you were able to elicit without massive emotion that which lay beneath the problems and issues. After that fist session I was able to talk freely without the throat constricting and able to breathe normally.

As the program of sessions passed I was able to function as normal as other people. If my thought wander back to that time, the memory remains but, the emotions have vanished all thanks to you. I cannot recommend you highly enough for anybody wanting to get out of where they are, to where they really want to be.

Dianne S

My 13 year old daughter was struggling with self confidence to a degree where she could not cope with this situation herself. As her mother it was totally affecting me as well as the whole family. I got to a point where I felt lost in it all and didn’t know what to do with my child.

My daughter was looking to me for answers and I was quickly running out of them. My husband made an appointment with and I took her along with me to meet John. I was hoping for a miracle and I believe that is what happened. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but to truly see the change in my daughter is wonderful.

I was taken by the care, compassion and professional approach to the way he not only spoke but was able to communicate with my daughter. He found three major issues at school affecting her that has remained unresolved. A few days after the second session, my daughter came home with a huge smile on her face and announced that she did it, what john had coached her to say and hoe to approach it.

She said that she felt empowered by that moment. Not only did john save my daughter the fall out to the rest of the family was amazing. We all feel so grateful for what John was able to do for our daughter.

Leonnie H

Reflecting on your hypnotherapy service has given me the opportunity of not only thanking you for what you did for me, but also for what you did for my son. After so many years I feel I have my real son back and I am so grateful. As for myself, in the month since I saw you I have made peace with my mother, although nothing has changed with her and the talk I had with her just didn’t make a dent. I am at peace with that and I can just get on with it.

I have also applied what you taught me to other people that I have/had issues with and it has worked so well I feel totally free of those negative emotions that I have been carrying around for so many years. I have never felt like this in all my 53 years. It feels fantastic. Friends have commented that my voice even sounds happier, so others have seen the difference as well.

I am eternally grateful John, thank you so much. I have recommended you to a few people, and I hope they take advantage of what you offer in helping people change their lives.

Chris H

As a year 12 student, the stress and pressure experienced through the HSC broke down my motivation and confidence following my rail exams. I often felt anxious that I was not studying (regardless of the fact that I studied frequently), and even when I was studying I had extremely low self confidence in my ability.

My father referred me to Mr. John Bunker mid August I had a two hour session with him. Since that session my confidence has improved significantly in all aspects. Whereby I no longer feel anxious about the approaching HSC exams, nor will I fail them.

This new motivation has also improved my emotional state, as I am more positive about my future as a result of that first session with Mr. Bunker. Also, since that session my marks have improved dramatically, especially with receiving a 20/20 for a religion essay two weeks later and then coming top 10% out of 180 students in my year within the following two months.

Footnote: This young lady scored in the 80’s range of her HSC and followed her dream to go to university.

Jade D

My name is (on file) and I am a 2nd year university student, who has been battling with anxiety and stress, especially around the submission of assessments and exams since the commencement of my course. As my 2nd year finals neared, I was finding it difficult to concentrate, sleep eat and function in al respects. Thankfully I found John and within 3 sessions my anxiety was placed into perspective, which enabled me to focus on my exams without the burden of undue stress.

This enabled me in the exam/s to remain calm and collected. This focus ultimately made it easier to draw upon needed information under pressure and became especially evident from “Start writing” to “Pens down”. I was overwhelmed when I received my exam and overall semester results, for I was only one short of my goal for all distinctions. I cannot thank john enough for what he was able to get me to see in myself and the level of self confidence I now have in myself.

Alaina S

For years I had an addiction to chocolate, I finally came across john who was able to help me overcome this addiction. After just one session with him I was released from this. I have now gone weeks without chocolate. It has taken away the desire to consume large amounts of what used to be my favorite food. I was able to resist temptation to eat all of my children’s Easter Eggs, which still remain in the fridge to this day. I have not had the headaches that would appear when I tried to stop the addiction myself.

So here I am chocoholic free at last. I cannot thank John enough for what he was able to get me to do, without drugs or medication. If you have an addiction, or other mind matters that need resolution please do yourself a favour, go and see john.

Sally B