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Below is an array of the Therapies, Protocols, Methodology & Modalities that are utilised to elicit neurological change towards the positive outcome that our client’s desire.

Change your Mind Change your Life


Hawkesbury Hypnotherapy changing lives to positive outcomes Anxiety to Happiness Grief to Joy

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Rehabilitation is an integral component to the Hypnotherapy process to elicit positive outcomes

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Emotrance is a methodology of eliminating unwanted emotions leaving the client with a feeling of peace calm Tranquility

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Neural Linguistic Programming. A modern psychology approach to the clients map of the world

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Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom Today utilises the ancient Chinese art of meridian energy lines to affect change in the bodies energy system

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Brilliant changed my life around, highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of seeing John.

Greg L

Original BluePrint

We are all born with a clean slate, upon which are etched our genetics, family and life experiences, that cause disruption/s to our emotional well being. The Blue Print re sets these.

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Calm Kids Coaching

In today's world children are subjected to a wider environment than ever before. With the advancement of modern technology constantly changing and social media. It's more pertinent the never to have calm kids

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This methodology utilises the clients ability to switch off old pain (5 months or more) that has done its job of protecting the body, yet the pain signals continue.

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Toxic Relationships

We normally think of relationships as that with a partner or marriage. Yet, relationships with self, family, friends, work and social can also turn into a Toxic Relationship. This address's this in a recovery model.

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I went and saw John for my needle phobia. 
I had two sessions and I was successfully treated! John is very understanding and he makes sure that he gets to the cause of the phobia. I no longer have a crippling of needles and I would recommend him to anyone struggling with phobias!

Emma T

Fertility by Hypno

Fertility by Htpnosis is a proven intervention in assisting couples to become happy parents

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Pediatric Hypnosis

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All Sports Performance

Assisting individuals, Groups or Teams of all sports codes reach their peak performance

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Other Stuff

You will be surprised what we will have in here ?

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Saw John for sports training competition focus. Fabulous results, got rid of negative reactions to certain conditions. Went with belief that subconscious mind must be strong force but slightly skeptical of hypnosis, now am totally convinced of what a powerful tool it is

Liz P

Quit Cigarettes 4 Life

An extensive three step Quit program to support you in quitting cigarettes for life

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No Diet Weight Loss

How would you like to reduce weight and still have that piece of chocolate cake ? You can with our no diet weight reduction program

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Eating Disorders

In a holistic approach we address eating disorders, their roots, journey, emotional triggers and future outcomes.

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Virtual Gastric Banding

As an alternative to surgery we offer Virtual Gastric Banding. however there is a strict criteria to whom we offer this procedure to.

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John, I just wanted to let you know I have been smoke free since we worked together! It's been almost two years now and I feel great! I will never touch a stinky nasty cigarette again; you really helped me see and feel that. You are truly a world-class people-helper! You connected with me by virtue of your humanity and outstanding professionalism, and I can't do enough to extend my gratefulness. You genuinely wanted to help me without solicitation. Thanks so much! I hope to see you again soon! in America.
P.S. I really enjoy breathing clean refreshing air, and not being the stinky smoker-guy! Thank you!

Brandon B

Not in our LOCATION ?
Not a problem !! With today's technology you do not have to be sitting in that chair in front of me. You can be in the adjoining suburb or, across the other side of the world. This method of conducting therapy sessions, is now widespread in countries around this world of ours. There are so many alternatives to our basic Australian local networks in use every day. You now have; Face time, Viber, Facebook and others. We prefer to use the stable platforms of Skype and Vimeo to conduct our non clinic therapy sessions. So now it doesn't matter where you are located you can enjoy the high quality standard either in THAT CHAIR in our clinic rooms, or over the Technology Bridge. We are Here or There, to help you out of your problems and issues.

Skype has been around for many years now, found to be a sound and safe platform to conduct therapy sessions over.

Maybe we can set up a room in Vimeo to conduct your Hypnotherapy or Coaching Session

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